Many of you have been asking me to write a analysis on Lady Gaga's latest video, 'Alejandro'. I've recently watched her third release and like you found many occultic symbolism. The song is her "fear of sex monster" but the video is about living without a loved one, a dedication to Madonna, the courage of the gay community and so on. To me in the other hand, it didn't really come across with that message, the use of upside down crosses, the funeral, the nazi looking soldiers and perhaps that it's really about the police state and the church.

The video begins showing scenes with soldiers wearing fishnet tights, heels also they seem to be under some sort of trance or unconcious, almost kind of mocking the soliders in a way saying they're lifeless zombies that take orders. It progresses onto a weird walk march with a pyramid with a line rapping around it and a star of David, this obviously representing the illuminati army and the police states that will come into order.

The scene moves onto a funeral, the Lady is wearing a McQueen veil, so the funeral could be the representation of the McQueen's funeral, I also believe that this is the death of Gaga's soul for the elite. Lady Gaga in this scene is also holding a heart with a pin rapped in chains this obviously represents the sacred heart. I also think this could be Gaga's heart, she acts so free yet tied down with the industry and the occult. Perhaps the funeral is for freedom. She's then dressed in what looks like some sort of mix between steam punk goth and a Elizabethan styled look watching men with bowl cuts do some sort of military march. Could this represent the lady's world domination in the media?

The video gives you shots of the Lady have sex with the men, though it's Gaga wearing the trousers, it shows how she is dominating, taking control, being the lead. Then it shows the exact opposite, from this I get the idea that it's the battle of the sexes and sexual torture. These scenes show the sadistic side of the famous popstar.

Puppet strings? Well one of these images show a police man attached to strings along with Gaga wearing a red nun uniform. The police man represents the elites control over the armed forces, how they're just cattle and take orders. Gaga in the other hand represents a church, a catholic church to be exact. It shows that the catcholic church is under the illuminati's power, the red represents the pope but also some one else, I think you know who I am talking about. The red also represents the devil, how the lady is married to satan, she swallows beeds which could mean eating christ, or mocking the church, like the demon that possessed the girl in 'The Excorcist'. Which brings me to my next point, this also represents possession.

These scenes made me raise my eyebrows, the fact that the uspide down cross on her freaking virgina didn't really help. The background is showing fire, a burning cross, very KKK. Once again Gaga is representing two different churches, Catholic and the satanic. Notice how the cross on her arm is shaped as a sword, this looks very knights templar, it also represents battle. Gaga gets surrounded by gay soldiers and gets raped basically, this represents what happens to women in war, but also concidering she represents a church too, it saying how gays are fighting the catholic church and basically destroying it (NOTE: I don't have anything against gays it's just watch the imagry adds up too). You see scenes of a soldier standing and watching, in the background scenes of chaos and fire, this shows you the police state and the chaos it will bring.

The dance scene, the dancers are strategically positioned to form a triangle with Gaga in the centre with a gun bra, commenting on women using their body as weapons, also representing police state that will come down in heavy force whether we like it or not.

In conclusion I believe that there a two messages in this video, I believe Gaga is kind of warning us in some strange way and showing what goes on in the military, showing us what will happen in the police state and that it IS coming, why I say that? Watching interviews to understand this person, the one thing I have noticed is how Gaga is very political, she is pretty much a David Cameron or a Obama in pop music, giving a happy and loving persona but showing her true colours in her videos.


  1. Great analysis! As soon as I saw this video I couldn't wait to see what you had to say about it, the imagery is getting more and more blatant with every video she makes which sometimes makes me think shes playing up to it a bit although I am certain there is a hidden agenda I think this attention whore loves the buzz it creates amongst us "PCT's"

  2. Thank you so much! If you can't I understand, but I would really appreciate knowing what you think about her live performances....Her new live dvd came out on youtube and she say's alot of things before the songs or in between that just makes you see what she is really saying or implying, or even in just the interview's. I can see it now when she talks and in her live performances. Just wanted to know what you thought on or interviews or live performances?

  3. you are really good at making a report on GAGA. BRAVO. there is this part gaga was wearing black top n bottom, dancing n the soldiers do a cat walk beside her. what it means?

  4. this is an awful analysis. Here is mine:

    There are a lot of levels to the video:

    Gaga has said that this video is meant to celebrate gay men and their relationships. Many (probably most) of her friends are gay men and gay men make a a huge portion of her fan base.

    1) Lady Gaga has lost her lover, Alejandro (the red crystal she carries is his heart and the nails spell an A). In mourning, she becomes jealous of the relationships that her gay friends have and the very real and ture love they share and she tries to conform them to be like Alejandro was, which is represented of how society imposes conformity of sexuality. You see this when she is sitting in tower smoking overlooking them. She also tries to be like them, symbolic of her cropped hair and nude bathing suit.
    Note: the point of this is not to say that Lady Gaga want to be a gay man (because she doesn't) but it is to represent the love of gay men and hoe beautiful it can be.

    2) Don't ask don't tell
    The soldiers are all clearly meant to be gay. The high kicks and straight arms of the leading solider in the beginning are similar to the movement of Nazi soldiers and they have arm bands (like swastikas ones the Nazis would wear). The Nazis imposed conformity and murdered thousands of homosexuals during the holocaust. Their stiff movements and bondage like clothing at the beginning are symbolic of the repression of gays in the military. The image of a soldier standing in front of a rioting scene represents the anger as well as the passion that he is being force to repress.

    3) The Catholic Church
    The gay community and the Church have always butted heads. Her standing among the soldiers dressed as a sort of nun represents how the Vatican has suppressed and devalued the gay community. The gay men throw her around, rebelling against conformity and the church. The placement of a cross over her crotch is clearly symbolic. The swallowing of the rosary can meant many things. It could be referring to how the church has repressed homosexuality within the church itself.

  5. Very interesting. You touched upon many things that are very true. This video is so full of symbolism and story and imagery that is engineered to overload the senses, that it makes it very easy to arrive to many conclusions and open interpretations. Because of this, it is easy to explain away much of the blatant occult message behind it. I would venture to say that Lady Gaga should not be anybody's target in particular, but instead, the driving FORCE behind it all is what we should be aware of. People may be turned off because someone that they favor and deeply respect musically has come under scrutiny, but when shown what is BEHIND it all, it may be a different story. Some things, however, are so obvious and if we refuse to see, then we are guilty of being willfully ignorant. Nothing in this world, especially anything in Media is arbritary or coincidential. Every single thing from costume to set design, to the little animal in the corner MEANS something. It may not be one particular person's vision but the coming together of indidvials who are being driven by a force that sometimes, they too, are unaware of.

    Having said this, I would like to draw your attention to a few things that you touched upon that are very important. I think that you would find it very interesting to find out about the babylonian symbolism in both the rosary and the sacred heart (it is not a Christian invention). The "A" on the heart can easily be attributed to Anubis, since the sacred heart is another representation of Osiris reborn, however, the A could have been placed there for people to arrive to the "obvious" conclusion.
    This video is an homage of sorts to Madonna. Certainly, it brings to mind her imagery. Many say that Lady Gaga is the Madonna of our generation. Madonna, down to her name, and imagery she used came to be known as Venus figure, if I may, the goddess of love and sex, the... Isis. If lady gaga is taking over this image, then it is not too far gone to piece together all of her Horus/Osiris and ancient babylonian/egyptian and assyrian symbolism.

    This all may seem far reaching because as I said, this video is engineered to foster many theories. Because of time and space I would like to talk about the picture that you showed where she is wearing what looks like a Knights templar robe, or Bishop’s robe and is holding her hand to her face while a cross burns on the background. First, you are right about the upside down cross being a clear satanic symbol. The fact that it looks like Knights templar and is somehow married with this idea of the Catholic church is also important. Upon close research You will find that the Knights Templar (most of the famous secret societies, Free Masons, Illuminati, Jesuit order, skull and bones, KKK etc.) are ALL tied to each other [although seemingly many oppose each other] and more importantly to Rome and the Vatican and therein lies their power. It would take forever to explain, but please don’t take my word for it, research it yourself.

  6. You mentioned that it appeared to you that there were two churches being talked about here; the Catholic Church and the Satanist church. It is interesting that Lady Gaga is representing one. However, I believe you are mistaken in thinking she is representing a church that is batting for the right team.

    In the last book of the Bible, Revelations, There are two women described. In prophetic language a woman stands for a Church. The two churches represented is 1). The pure and righteous church of God who is under persecution and 2). A woman who rides on top of a beast (kingdom/nation), who is drunk off the blood of the saints and martyrs, who has all of the worlds kings under her fingertips and whose colors are scarlet and gold.

    Many biblical scholars when deciphering the book of Daniel and Revelations and looking back at history at the precise moments that are revealed in prophecy, have arrived to the conclusion that the this “woman” who rides a beast (church and state unite) is no other than the Catholic Church.

    Again, please look into it for urself. These links may be of help:

    Also for symbolism of rosary and sacred heart see:

    The hand symbols she is constantly throwing as she is touching her face and on the picture that I was talking about above she is clearly showing the sign of the “6” (it looks like what the pope does when he is blessing someone. Also known as the Hebrew shi or V or U that symbolize the horns of the “supreme god”. If you look at the entire video when there are face shots of her she throws up the Masonic hand signals with her left hand. Think of the signal that

  7. Jesus is depicted using in all those old paintings. It kinda looks like a peace sign but with the fingers pressed together not apart and slightly curved downward.

    This, together with her continual use of the eye of Horus (covering one eye), star of David, upside down cross, burning cross (knights templar),sacred heart, and nail on chalk board scratching imagery makes me extremely wary. It is not a coincidence.
    I commend you for your work and keep on seeking the truth that is so hard to swallow but necessary to prepare us for what is coming.

    Be blessed

  8. Either way, I believe Alejandro, Roberto, Fernando could be handlers. I mean does anyone notice that at the end, there is a scene with gaga lying on the bed, with a guy sat at the end with a gun, also attached to strings pretty much holding her hostage.

    "Alejandro plz, let me go"

  9. thaaaaaaaaaannxx
    an all ways i love you lady gaga ur the best

  10. Did you know that alejandro means protector of people this in combination with all the above, hmmm. makes semse to me! she is freaking weird!

  11. Wow! when I was a kid this video would be behind a big red curtain at the video store, wow, pronagrafic, not only that but diffenitly sexual violence,

  12. Have a look on my blog about Gaga, Mylene Farmer, or Madonna symbolism. merci. The conclusions are the same ! But it is getting worse and worse. De pire en pire !