Telephone was the second vide released from 'The Fame Monster', in which is her ''fear of fun monster''. This single features another suspected follower of the occult, Beyonce. In a well known blog by 'VigilantCitizen' that there is a secret meaning in the video, the word 'telephone' being a metaphor for the mind under MK Ultra. I agree with that but there is something more to this video, it DOES have an occultic reference, Gaga said that the video is about how the media is POISONING the public; 'Poison' being a keyword in the analysis.

The video is a carry on from her last single off the 'The Fame'; 'Paparazzi'. In the beginning, Gaga is in a prison being lead to her cell, you see clips of other prisoners in their cells, half are in white the others are in black, this is representation of good vs. evil. Eventually the two guards escorting her, strip of her clothes, this I believe is stripping the lies and leaving her with the naked truth. Notice how that scene was set to end the penis rumour? And the fact that it's police officers stripping her, police tend to get rid of the lies and bring the truth. Well in movies anyway...

The scene moves onto Lady Gaga going into outside of the cell in which there is a quick cameo of a watch camera. This represents the police state, the world is a prison with invisable bars and Gaga shows that in her outfit. The song being played in the background is 'Paper Gangster' which is about being conned by the industry, does this represent the world conning us, Gaga being conned by the record industry and trapping her in the occult? It moves onto Gaga then hitting it off with a butch lesbian, if you look closeley the woman wearing the shades has a tattoo of 'Beezlebub' on her arm, 'Beezlebub' being another name for Satan. So this represents the devil taking a liking to Gaga, and making out with the devil and being apart of the satanic order. She then takes a phone which is on offer, so she's accepting the devil by taking the phone.

In this cameo, it shows Gaga with other cell mates, the women get roudy and fight, commenting on her women are bitchy and horrible to one another, exactly what the elite want. It moves onto the music and features Gaga wearing a crime scene tape all over her body. This represents rejection from god, she then uses the phone that the devil gave her and fully joins the devil. Gaga is then bailed out of jail by Beyonce, (remembering the fact that she just accepted the devil's allegiance) and has yellow hair. Yellow representing bee and bees representing Beezlebub.

Skipping a few minutes to the diner scene, this part of the video is where Beyonce and Gaga kill the customers in the diner, funny joke going on there, it's set in a diner and it has 'Die' sounding word to begin with. Now the thing is Beyonce poisons her boyfriend's honey, she also gets called 'Honey B' notice the bee theme carrying on, notice how Beyonce puts on the same mickey mouse glasses that Lady Gaga wears in the 'Paparazzi' video on when she kills her boyfriend. The video then goes to scenes of Gaga in a typical American sort of cooking show, it's called "Poison T.V." this represents the media poisoning the people. It then moves onto the big dance scene after the deaths of the customers, in which follows the same as Bad Romance when she dances as she sacrficises the gold chin guy.


  1. You missed out on heaps of stuff. I'm going to list some of the esoteric symbolism in this video.

    -Once again Gaga is stripped of her clothing. It's done against her will. The negative, positive, good, evil, right, left - the black, white symbolism is rampant throughout the entire video. This is an occult tool. It's the thinking behind you can't have one without the other.

    -One of the inmates has pyramid shaped earphones. It looks like the same one Gaga was wearing in her Bad Romance video. She had pyramids shaped earphones.

    -One of the inmates has skull and bones emblem on her vest.

    -Her mobile phone is using 'Virgin' as her cell carrier. Richard Branson is the owner of Virgin. Is this a reference to Madonna? Or, this is another reference to a satanic ritual taking place. We know that the virgin is of high value in occults. You can see the 'Virgin' phone being removed from her crotch area. It's been taken from her. And, what do you take from someone? You can take her virginity. Her innocence.

    -The studded jacket that Gaga is wearing has a six pointed star; a baphomet star on the right shoulder of the jacket with the words doom on the left front of the jacket.

    -Is that a toilet seat in her cell. No, it's not. It's a baphomet.

    -Freeze 4:19 - she is cutting her lounge and her head is positioned right underneath the baphomet. Blood sacrifice.

    -The number six on the back of the laptop.

    -The guard is looking at a website named 'plenty of fish'. Now, let's not forget that we are moving into the age of Aquarius. This is another reference to it.

    -Beyonce uses telepathy to communicate with the guy sitting across the table from her. As you can see Beyonce is dressed in Yellow. Is she the Queen Bee?

    -Beyonce pours poison into the guys coffee cup. You can see the skull and bones symbol. All the people in the bar communicate telepathically.

    More to come.

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  3. -I know the theme of Gaga having one of her eyes covered with something is in most of her vids but let's not forget the importance of this. Even the makeup around her eye is made to look like the all seeing eye.

    -Freeze 7:03 - You can see the skull and bones symbol. And, the words 'Poison TV' - Television is poising us.

    -Freeze 7:06 - You can see the Cook N Kill recipe; the recipe consists of 1, 1/2, 1/2, 1 - this is a direct reference to the end of the Mayan calender. As we know the last day on the Mayan calender is 21.12.2012.

    -The A-OK symbol Gaga throws up is another one to watch out for. In this video the words EIN, which in German mean one or single one. One world government, one world religion.

    -The diner in which some of the video takes place is the exact same diner in the movie Terminator; Judgment Day.

    -When the reporter is talking the time on the right top screen is 11:21 CT; this is another reference to 21.12.

  4. There are heaps more to list. If you're interested contact me :)

  5. With this one I think you really have to reach for straws to make it fit the Illuminati, but Diffenitly Satan friendly, making light of murdering a bunch of people and given the idea of poison being the easiest and most effecant way of killing, expesually if your wanting to kill some one bigger then you, yea this stuff is dangerous, she is representing all this evil with catchy tones and great interesting story lines, but the content is Satanic, remember most of the time Satan does not represent him self as a red bearded man, it says in the bible he disguises himself as an angel of light, he diffenitly usses media for this purpose, once again all who are christains should pray for Lady Gaga because God loves her very very much, and we should too, ( sorry for the miss spelling my spell check wont give me the option)