In 'TheFameMonsterSeries' I'm not just going to be talking about her videos but her stage outfits/performances aswell, in this one it will be about her stage outfits, the meaning of them these designs. In the image above me, it displays Lady Gaga performing at the X-Factor in 2009, remembered for performing 'Bad Romance' in a bath tub with a piano hiding in a sink, playing on her video, 'Bath Haus of Gaga'.

The lady performed in what looked like a cross between a transformer/rubix cub meets vampire bat. But what's so masonic about that? Well thinking again, concidering she has so much occultic symbolism in her performances, for example looking back at the picture it starts making more sense, it looks like a harpie, valkyrie & some sort of devil(i.e. the horns).

"Her wardrobe didn’t disappoint either, as this odd Devil number - with detachable devil arms - far outshined Cheryl Cole’s half short and half long black number. And that’s not all, oh no, the set featured a massive bath and a whole lot of ‘zombies’ strolling around the stage. Brilliant."

Now from this I get the feeling that this design is pretty dark and dooms day themed don't you think? A valkyrie comes for the final battle, in the end of times in mythology. This creates another meaning with the end of times theme, this is very religious, for example they're dancing in a bath tub; with the shower going off and the theme of the design is apocalpyse. The religious feeling in that is, washing away her sins. This performance was before her tour and when Gaga talked about her tour, 'The Monster Ball' she said it was a "apocalyptic house party".

Has anyone else been noticing the amount of artists going with the apocolyptic, demon theme lately?

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