The first single released from 'The Fame Monster'. The song is the "fear of love monster" and is about being in love with your best friend. The video in the other hand gives the lyrics a whole different meaning, the video follows the theme of the sex trade and plays on 'evolution'. The video also involves super models, the Russian mafia, a sacrifice and reptile-like looks. To me this video follows her VMA performance with the sacrifice. I feel this video is almost like a inside look to what goes on in this cult, like the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut'.
The video has raised many eye brows since the well known blog on Lady Gaga, illuminati puppet by the Vigilant Citizen and people keep asking for the meanings behind this video. I believe there is more than just the obvious meaning to it, I mean no one is listening to the song, they're just watching the video. Add the lyrics to the visual you get another new meaning. Lets take a look at the video.

(This picture reminds me of when plastic surgery has taken place and they rap bandages around the face after the surgery, the beginning of the new Gaga)

The video begins with the intro scene where the Lady is surrounded by the cast of the video but in a form of a gothic Italian mob. She wears razorblade sunglasses which represent the hard girls that she knew in New York where they kept razorblades in the mouths. She adds that they are "her weapons, her shield". This scene can also represent a 'family' which the illuminati call themselves to the children, which I read from a Svali interview.The scene progresses into a room where there lays coffins, in which one of them has the word 'Monster' with the cross on top, the song begins to play and the sun come out onto the coffins when Gaga begins to sing "Ra Ra ah ah ah" which is obvious what the sunlight represents.

"Ra was the almost universally-worshipped king of the gods and all-father of creation. A sun god, he was said to command the chariot that rode across the sky during the day. A king, he was the patron of the pharaoh. Ra is the most central god of the Egyptian pantheon. Ra's position in the pantheon is unusual. He is the only god, apart from Osiris, who is definitely said to be not on the earth. Ra, it is said, is an aging god, still powerful, but too old to deal with his children any longer, so he has gone exclusively to the sky to watch over the world. Horus rules over the earth and the gods in his stead, demonstrating the divine right of kingship."

In the next scene Gaga is in a bath tub which I believe represents washing away her sins and her old self. She is also drugged up which is what usually happens when the Illuminati sexually abuse a victim of mind control, they drug them up before the traumatic event begins. She's then forced to drink vodka from a gauntlet. I believe this is some sort of strange ceremonial initiation, where she is about to join the cult. In a interview Gaga says that the big eyes represent her innocence before turning into a "fame monster". From this it does give me the impression that she is hinting something quite obvious. The big eyed Gaga represents the Gaga from 'The Fame' and this is her changing into her new look, new sound, new being, which brings me to the evolution idea. Lady Gaga is evolving into something, and that something isn't exactly good.

(blind to what she's doing)

The scene moves onto the lady staring at a mirror wearing thick black sun glasses with a strange crown on her head. This I believe represents the dark side of Gaga and the crown represents the fame she posses, like the saying 'king of the world'. The transformation is beginning to take place from here. In this scene she says a lyric which is, "I want your drama, the touch of your hand" in which she touches herself, to be honest the whole of the first verse isn't exactly the nicest intro, I mean she says, "I want your ugly, I want your disease", if the song didn't have the video, you would think Gaga was obsessed with the guy she wanted and would accept everything including the bad but with the video it gives another idea which is the music industry. She wants it all, the whole package including the dark side.

After the chorus scenes of Gaga getting a trench coat ripped off of her and her naked in some shower room. If you look carefully, the lady is beginning to look more reptile like, this is the transformation, representing the dark side of Gaga growing and it's starting to take over. This reminds me of the conspiracy of the reptilians, it's also mentioned in the bible of snake demons being sent underground, I'M NOT SAYING IT'S TRUE but this video is obviously very occult, religion inspired. Notice the light coming from behind her head, making some sort of halo. That just proves my point really.

The video moves onto Gaga dancing in front of the "Russian mafia" and being sold. I don't believe it's the Russian mafia, why? Simply because the man wearing the gold chin thing, has black eyes, black eyed people represent the devil on tv. I believe these men could be the recording industry OR the elite, mainly because she's showing them what she's got to offer. Anyway, she picks her favourite, the one that catches her interest and crawls to him, she freaking crawls to him for crying out loud. Like she's beneath him, worshipping him. He represents the devil I believe. Gaga pleases him and gets sold.

(Dressed to kill, represents mind control programming)

Moving on towards the end, Gaga is walking around in some reptile suite made my Alexander McQueen; another suspect to be apart of the masonic order. She walks around like a monster, looking strong, the dark side of Gaga is complete and she's finally done evolving. It moves onto Gaga walking to the black eyed man, she's almost walking like she's under some sort of spell. This represents mind control, notice how she wears a feline jacket, this represents the sex kitten program I believe but shown through a viscous beast. Anyway while she walks to him slowly you see the final dance scene about to commence. It moves onto her about to perform the sexual deed that the guy paid for, the story goes into a sudden twist, in which fire ensnares him and the big dance begins. This is the sacrifice for the fame, Lucifer demands a sacrifice for success and she does this in her videos, I mean she's celebrating the sacrifice in the big finally, she's wearing red which represents blood and death in the occult, just like in her VMA performance where Gaga dies and her dancers celebrate, it's the exact same concept in this video.


Satanic Altar, her hands under the two goats head which survive the fire

Raining diamonds, Gaga being rewarded for joining the cult

Reptilian outfit, represent the reptilian like demon

Lady shows who she belongs to in the end of the video, the dancer behind her, all masked representing the elite and their hidden identities.

Lady Gaga is officially apart of the elite, for the fame though saying all this I believe she's playing her own game but through the rules of the occult. In an interview she says she acts like she doesn't know whats going on but at the end she looks like as if she knew exactly what she was doing. From this I feel like she can't be evil cause she's too caring for her fans but there's something dark about her. Remember she is now trying to make out that her family roots are originate from English royalty. All illuminati members have a royal blood line. To be honest if you all love her as much as you say you do, you would want her to stop what she's doing before she gets in too deep, I mean once they're done with her, she will fall.


  1. this one is much like that

  2. There are heaps more symbolism taking place in this video. I'll make a list of some of them.

    She is wearing headphones shaped like pyramids.
    Two people are seen pulling her out of the what looks like an alter filled with water - Is this Gaga being baptised into her new age religion? The two people continue to pull her out, stripping Gaga of her clothing, tearing off her. One of them is holding her mouth open and pouring what we are led to believe is Vodka down her throat. She is being forced to drink it. Just like her clothes were forced of her. Gaga even spits some of the liquid straight into the eyes of the person pouring it down her throat. While all of this is going on, we can see people watching this take place. It's a ritual.

    One of the guys watching this rape (ritual)take place has a tattoo of a pitchfork on his right arm. He also has a tattoo of a skull on his back.

    When she gets thrown to the floor, you can only see one of her eyes. This is a theme which runs rapid through all her music videos.

  3. One of the wierdest and scariest images in the video is 2:15 ( - It's really weird. Try to do what she is doing with your hand? It's impossible. In her hair is this awful looking creature with teeth.

    Moving on. You can see one of the guys has a some kind of remote control in his hand and he actually pushes the switch, cut scene, we can see that the remote is used to bid on Gaga. The bid reaches 1,000,000. The dancing scenes change. She isn't being pulled or forced into her dance moves. She is doing it on her own.

    Freeze 3:02 - you can see that bat on her head again.

  4. How weird is the scene - she is walking towards the man (symbolizes something) sitting on a bed; on the right and left of the bed are two Rams heads. Of course the Ram is the Baphomet. This man has a tattoo of the number 6 on his middle finger. He also has a tattoo of what looks like Jesus on the cross on his neck. All of a sudden the bed is engulfed by flames and it starts burning. At the end of the clip we can see the figure of a burnt skeleton. The skeletal hands are covering the crotch and Gaga is sitting on the burnt bed, smoking a cigarette. This is not the only video in which Gaga kills the main male character. What does this represent/

  5. Now, one of the most important parts of the music video is when the guys are bidding on Gaga. This is an esoteric message. The real meaning is that Gaga sold her soul for a price.

  6. Wuao talk about drinking the coolaid you guys need to get out more lol this is way funny considering she has said numerous times she is into occultism and horror movies and things that deal with that lol i mean really guys come on....

  7. Guys, come on, your being pathetic. She is not a member of the Illuminati, or any other shit like that.
    This video represents the monster in all of us (the shower scene), breaking through us and making us do things we don't want to do (the dance scenes & vodka baptism), then overcoming it (when the meter hits 1000000 GAGA and she's dancing freely).
    Okay? Chill, the worlds not all bad

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  9. i agree with therealhoodie.. this only looks like shes part of the illuminati if your obsessed with it. i dont think the illuminati is brainwashing any of you. your all brainwashing yourselfs by believing this and everyone is getting paranoid. it may exist but whatever lady gagas showing in her videos doesnt mean shes apart of it, your just over paranoid & assume that everything that looks santanic automaticially makes her apart of the illuminati, like the goat & fire thing.

    however these are really good points & if we were certain shes part of the illuminati then you've pointed out the signs well! but i just think there massive coincidences to be honest.

  10. I cant make the statement she is part of the Illuminati, but I will say she is satanic, all who are against God are satanic, she is for gay rights, premarital fornication, and I don't even know what else seeing as how I just learned of all this, I would pray for her seeing as how she has said that this dark force is causing her to cut her self for the safety of others, this is a mental instability, we should feel for her that is us who are Christians, cause she might not even realize how she is fighting the war for Satan, she could just be completely deceived like the rest of the world seems to be, and I will also say it would be a parental crime to let you young watch these deceptive lies, like its ok to go around having sex with whom ever...

  11. good points but for the one about the guy being Satan, I don't believe Satan would let himself be sacrificed.

  12. has anyone noticed that on 3:18 she does a cross symbol?