In a soon to be released issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Gaga talks about having dreams of illuminati rituals.

Lady Gaga has been accused by some as having ties to the Illuminati. The pop star reveals a bizarre dream she had that even has her believing the rumors.

“I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home,” Gaga tells Rolling Stone. “And he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied to all four of her limbs. And she’s got my shoes on from the Grammys. Go figure—pyscho. And the ropes are pulling her apart.”

But it gets even stranger. “I never see her get pulled apart, but I just watch her whimper, and then the phantom says to me, ‘If you want me to stop hurting her and if you want your family to be OK, you will cut your wrist.’ And I think that he has his own, like, crazy wrist-cutting device. And he has this honey in, like, Tupperware, and it looks like sweet-and-sour sauce with a lot of MSG from New York. Just bizarre. And he wants me to pour the honey into the wound, and then put cream over it and a gauze.”

Gaga was confused by her dream and turned to other sources to find out its meaning. “So I looked up the dream, and I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere. And my mother goes, ‘Isn’t that an Illuminati ritual?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’”

She even consulted her good friend and mentor Deepak Chopra about past dreams. “The devil’s trying to take me, Deepak. I’m a good girl!” she told the spiritual leader, who eased her fears.

But she admits her nightmares inspire her eccentric stage shows. “I do have morbid dreams. But I put them in the show. A lot of the work I do is an exorcism for the fans but also for myself.”

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  1. oh this all evidence is true
    thanks a lot!!

  2. Lady Gaga er den styggeste dama jeg har sett i hele mitt liv!
    hun er en hore det vet jo alle herregud!hun ligner ikke ikke på en kjendis engang hun er født som en "Joanne Stefani Angelina er født som en hore!"

  3. LOL , you know what i think the dream means ..
    it means that something doesnt want her with all of that power, because if she as the power and she spreads the ideal of love, light and creativity. The evel will not stand for long ! She makes a difference and that diference, makes some identities mad, so they are influencing her through does dreams!(if she came public with that, it means that she as nothing to hide) Every soul that fights against hate, evil, darkness.. Is a treath! You cannot talk about what you don't know.. Sometimes whats shown to us is an illusion! We are all here for a reason, my friend.
    Have you ever heard about the indigo children? please look it up.. It's way more important to open peoples eyes about what is happening in the world, right now! And its so in front of us that we dont see it, i didnt for so long.
    The world needs minds like yours, you're just criticising the wrong thing.
    Dont belive in everything the media or the government say to you, think for yourself, you will get a lot of question marks, but eventually you will get your truth ! Trust me !
    Thanks for the time to read my comment, i hope you take it with great care * Peace *