As we all know Lady Gaga has become one of the biggest superstars since the release of her first debut album, 'The Fame'. She wowed the crowds with her extreme outfits and sexually charged music. Though saying all this does the lady have a dark secret, is she apart of something darker than what they seem. Her videos have lots of hidden meaning, symbolism and most recently having a theme of death. All these things have lead up to believe that she is a puppet for the elite known as, 'the Illuminati'.

This blog is dedicated to the 'Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster' series from Masked Messenger. I'll be finding out all the meanings behind what she does, all her performances, her visuals and lyrics. Remember she has said that her recent album, 'The Fame Monster' is about all the things that she has seen while writing the album, all the monsters she has come across. We will find out what these 'monsters' really represent, cause I don't believe these songs are about just her fears. There is a darker meaning to them, a warning to everyone about the fame and price you will have to pay.

this is, The Fame Monster Series

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